1. Complete guide to starting a website without technical knowledge

Dec 14, 2017

Creating your own website is super easy than you think. You don't have to be a technical expert to do this. We are here to help you.

By Rakesh

2. Step by step guide to starting your website in Bluehost India hosting

Dec 14, 2017

There are various ways to create web pages. I recommend WordPress. Blue host is the recommended hosting provider for WordPress hosting. Within few clicks, you can create your awesome website.

By Rakesh

3. What is Web Hosting

Jan 09, 2018

Web hosting is a service which is used to display your website on the internet. Hosting is a special computer, which has been configured to be used publicly. This computer is also called server.

By Rakesh

4. Step by step guide to purchasing a domain and hosting from Siteground

Mar 05, 2018

Step by step guide to purchase domain and hosting from Siteground.

By Rakesh

5. How I created a blog

Mar 13, 2018

The main focus of my blog is to save our tradition. Here I am going to save all the procedures I followed during my pre and post pregnancy as per my grandma guidance.

By Aswini

7. Step by step guide to install WordPress using Siteground wizard

Mar 15, 2018

Once you purchased a domain and hosting, you will get all the information to your registered email id to access customer area. Check your mailbox and verify your email Id. Then proceed to customer area. Log in to your account using the email and password used while registration process.

By Rakesh

Starting a website without technical knowledge