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How to Create a Website ?

Develope a Website
Buy a Domain
Buy a Hosting

A simple Website is made up of some pieces of HTML and CSS Codings. If you don't know anything about HTML and CSS, no need to worry, We will teach you HTML and CSS with simple examples that you can easily understand. You can also develope a website using any Web development tools like Wordpress, Joomla without typing HTML and CSS codes.

How a Website works ?

Above images shows you a simple operations of a Website. There are few steps involved in Website to work properly in Internet.

  1. Develope a Website using 'HTML and CSS' or 'Wordpress'
  2. Buy a domain name that is your website name
  3. Buy a Hosting which is a Website Server space
         to Store your website codings

We will tell you more about 'Domain' and 'Hosting' in next Chapters

What can we do with a Website ?

You can use websites for many purposes. We have pointed few purposes bellow.

  1. You can run Small/Big Busineses through Internet
  2. You can Express your life stories to the world
  3. You can Explore new Ideas and rock the world
  4. And a website can do much more.