Mar 05, 2018

You need to purchase a domain name and hosting to create your website. In the previous article Understanding the basic fundamentals to start a website, you could have read about the need for domain and hosting. 

Now its time to purchase a domain and hosting for your website. Go to SitegroundGo to Siteground


Siteground hosting

In the home page of Siteground, you will see a signup button. Click on the signup button and you will be taken to choose a hosting plan.

Step 1 - Choose a hosting plan

This is the first step. You need to choose any hosting plan. Whatever plan you choose you will get 60% off. Know more about Web Hosting

Siteground hosting step1

StartUp plan: If you have only one website idea then you can choose this plan. 

GrowBig plan: If you have more than one website idea then you can go for this plan. I recommend this plan because usually after starting a website you will get more website ideas on the go. That time you will never have to worry about your selection of single domain hosting. 

GoGeek plan: This plan comes with some tweaks to manage more visitors. Not really needed for a beginner. Experts in SEO can choose this plan.

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If you have multiple website ideas but completely confused to invest money in developing a website, then clear your mind, select startup plan. With a single website, when you invest some efforts, you will definitely succeed in this online industry. And once you start to make some good money you can purchase a higher hosting plan later. 

To start my first website I've invested my one-month salary and additionally borrowed little money from my senior. If you are interested you can read How I purchased my first Website. Anyways, Scroll down to continue purchasing your website.

Step 2 - Choose a domain name

Siteground Hosting ste 2

This is the second step and a very important step. Domain name is nothing but your website name. For example, is a domain name. The name is subject to availability. If you type any existing website names you will get an advice to choose another name or extension. Select a unique name that suitable for your idea or business.

Step 3 - Review & Complete

The third step is to fill out your information to complete the purchase.

Account Information

Siteground hosting step3

Enter your email id and password. If you already have Siteground account, you can log in into that. The email Id you enter here will be used to login to your hosting account to manage your domain and hosting. 

Client Information

Siteground hosting client information

Fill out your name and address in the client information form. Company name and VAT information are optional.

Payment information

Siteground hosting payment information

Fill in your payment information. Nowadays almost all debit and credit cards accepted in international payments.

Purchase information

Siteground hosting purchase information

Review your purchase information. You can change the hosting plan and datacenter if you want.

Siteground hosting datacenter

A data center is nothing but the location of your hosting server. By default, the nearest data center from your country will be chosen.

But in case, for example, if your default datacenter is Singapore and your website is for people of USA you can change to Chicago USA data center. It will give better performance for people of USA. Anyways It doesn't matter if the data center is Singapore for American people. You don't have to confuse yourself here. Hosting data center is not a big deal. You can leave it with the default selected.

Siteground payment period

You will save more when you pick long-term hosting period. I recommend you to select at least 12 months hosting period. Because you will spend another $24.95 as setup fee if you choose 1-month trial. You will get your final bill based on your domain extension, hosting plan and hosting period.

Siteground hosting extra services

Before proceeding to payment, You can optionally select the extra services. If budget is not a problem, you can select these additional services to increase your domain privacy and security. Anyways Siteground is packed with free SSL certificates (HTTPS protocol).

Siteground hosting payment confirmation

You will get above screen after successful payment. Your purchase is over. Click 'Proceed to customer area' to install WordPress. Meanwhile, you will get a mail to your email Id for verification. Click the verification link.

Next, you have to install WordPress to create your website. Its very easy and it will not take more than 5 mins. 

Follow the next article Step by step guide to install WordPress using the Siteground wizard to install WordPress on your website.


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