Dec 14, 2017

Make a website

Starting your own website is super easy than you think. You don't have to be a technical expert to do this.

Technically, creating a website is a big process. But technology has evolved over time. A lot of tools available online to start a website within a few clicks. Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms to create your website yourself. In this article, we will guide you to start your website based on WordPress, assuming you are a non-geeky.

You will have to spend $60 - $100 for your website, definitely lesser amount than hiring a website developer. Starting a website involves the following steps

1. Understanding the basic fundamentals to start a website

There are some basic fundamentals you need to understand such as Domain name, Web Hosting, HTML, and WordPress

2. Step by step guide to purchasing a domain and hosting from Siteground

You need to purchase a domain name and hosting to create your website. Here is the step by step procedure to purchase it from Siteground

3. Step by step guide to install WordPress using Siteground wizard

After purchasing your domain name and Hosting you need to install WordPress using the Siteground's wizard.

4. Step by step guide to starting a website in WordPress

Choose a WordPress theme, install some plugins. That's it. Your website is ready.


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Starting a website without technical knowledge