Feb 14, 2018

Welcome, Are you interested to promote your website let’s move into SEO. We are offering online SEO fundamentals for beginners.

SEO Developer has clear knowledge about,

1. Designing a website Search engine friendly

2. Getting volume and Quality of Websites.

3. Must understand the flow of algorithms.

What is SEO?

SEO Expands Search Engine Optimization. It is an activity to improve search engine ranking.

It is the procedure to get organic traffic on search engine result page. Most of the user targets google search engine optimization.

Why SEO?

Targeting fulfilled user friendly website architecture, navigation, keywords and content.

Lots of people search for things. That traffic can be extremely powerful for a business not only there is traffic, but there is a lot of very specific needs and high-intent traffic.

Google Ranks the website based on Algorithm, relevant information and quality.

Ranking Factors of SEO?

  • Domain level link authority
  • Page level link authority
  • Keywords and Content
  • On page Factors
  • Off page Factors
  • Page loading Speed
  • Inbound and outbound cross linking
  • Page categories
  • Schemas
  • CTR
  • Dwell time

How to do SEO?

Beginners must understand the search engine flows and move it into main factors of SEO which are on page and off page.

Types of SEO:

With the use of many tools SEO functions are processed. There are two types of tactics which are following,

Black hat

White hat

Some of them follow the guidelines and rules of ranking factors which is called White Hat.

At last, final description of this article covers basics of SEO.

Author : Karkuzhali

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