Mar 10, 2018

I actually have no idea of starting a company first. Seeds Webtech is just an idea. The actual idea came into my mind in the first quarter year of 2013. From that moment I've started looking for a name and finally, I came up with the name Seeds Webtech and purchased the domain name (website) on 18th February 2014. Almost 1 year to turn an idea into initiation. 

How I got this idea?

Well, I don't think it's a new idea. There are a lot of websites online to teach web development. But I felt like, for a complete beginner, to start a website is still confusing. I started my career from a web development training academy. Even after 6 months of training and 1 year of real-time development experience, I learned to develop a website but I didn't learn to start a website. 

Yes, there is a difference in creating a website and starting a website. I'll explain these things in my web development tutorials. Let me continue the startup story. 

So to guide beginners to start a website I've decided to start this website. I've started this website in Feb 2014 and I've put a site under construction banner on the home page of and another page 'How to create a website'.

After that, to be frank I didn't do anything on the site for the next 4 years. I was busy with my career. But I renewed the domain and hosting all years. In these years slowly Seeds Webtech idea turned into a dream. My wife and I officially started our company, Seeds Webtech on the 12th of January 2018. 

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By Rakesh
Author : Rakesh

Basically, I'm a PHP Web developer. I'm the dreamer behind the Seeds Webtech. Currently, I'm working as IT manager at Seeds Webtech

Starting a website without technical knowledge