Mar 10, 2018

My Wife and I started our company on the 12th of January 2018. 

This day is the first day of the month 'Thai' as per our Tamil calendar. We celebrate this day as 'Pongal festival', the day of farmers. This is a most important festival for Tamil people like Christmas of English people. 

Actually, we didn't start the company in any physical location. We officially registered our company as an SME and just announced about it in WhatsApp and Facebook. We didn't have funds to start an office setup. However, we started working from our home for our online business. Our home is our first office. 

It took 4 years for this start after purchasing the website on February 2014. She was there from the beginning as a backbone of my dreams. I've just quit my 50K INR salary job for this dream, seriously without any savings. This is our bold and toughest decision of our life. This is almost not possible for an average Indian IT employee.

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It was not really an easy decision. I planned to wait 6 more months to save some funds for our start-up. But due to office politics, I've resigned from my job in December 2017. 

Anyhow, we didn't clearly plan about this start in this time, but we are very clear about our start-up. We clearly discussed our business plans in the last 4 years. 

By Rakesh
Author : Rakesh

Basically, I'm a PHP Web developer. I'm the dreamer behind the Seeds Webtech. Currently, I'm working as IT manager at Seeds Webtech

Starting a website without technical knowledge