Mar 23, 2018

I bought on 18th February 2014. But this story is not about I purchased my first website in August 2013. I'll not reveal that website name now. Consider it as a suspense for now. I'll tell you about this website later.

Let's continue the story, how I purchased my first website.

When the idea initially flashed in my mind I started surfing online to learn the procedures to start my own website. Initially, it was very confusing.

Officially I was in a web development job, I knew to create a website, but I don't know the fundamentals to start a website. That's the moment I realized the difference between Starting a website and Creating a website.

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After some references, I realized I need to purchase a domain name and a hosting to start a website.

Sometimes in break time, I'll open the corresponding website to purchase the website domain name and hosting. I'll type the domain name and select hosting and proceed to the payment page. It will ask for a credit card and then I'll close the page. First I thought I need a credit card to make a payment, but I didn't have one. At that time I didn't even know, what is a credit card.

I usually get my salary as cash in hand since I don't have a proper bank account. But my senior gets the salary to his bank account. He said his debit card can be used for international payments. I got a plan, and I waited for the payday.

Finally, that was a fine payday. I asked my senior for debit card in exchange for cash. He gave the card. I proceeded to the domain and hosting payment for my first website, but this time with a card to pay.

I was not sure about using a debit card for that payment. But it worked. I don't remember the exact bill. It was something between 95 to 100 USD. There are some foreign exchange rates included. In Indian currency, it was 6100 INR something.

My salary was Rs 8000 INR back then. After cutting I'll get 5800 INR something take-home. INR stands for Indian Rupee (₹). 1 USD is around 59 INR in that year 2013. So 5800 INR is about 98 USD that time.

I gave ₹5800 to my senior. And settled the remaining ₹300 next month.

So this is how I purchased my first website. This website is receiving about 1 Million visitors per month now. I learned a lot on this website. This website is an important turning point in my life.

For some reasons, I'll not reveal the name now. But stay connected, I'll definitely share about this website one day.

By Rakesh
Author : Rakesh

Basically, I'm a PHP Web developer. I'm the dreamer behind the Seeds Webtech. Currently, I'm working as IT manager at Seeds Webtech

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