Nov 29, 2018

Here is the complete start-up story of Seeds Webtech from the idea to implementation. The idea initiated in the year 2013 and from there Seeds Webtech traveled a lot.

1. The beginning of Seeds Webtech 

We started planning about this in the early year of 2013. And finally purchased the domain name on 18th February 2014. The startup story of Seeds Webtech begins here.

2. We officially started our startup Seeds Webtech in January 2018

Actually, we didn't start the company in any physical location. We didn't have funds to start an office setup. However, we started working from our home. Our home is our first office.


By Rakesh
Author : Rakesh

Basically, I'm a PHP Web developer. I'm the dreamer behind the Seeds Webtech. Currently, I'm working as IT manager at Seeds Webtech

Starting a website without technical knowledge